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The first public announcement of the clean production audit of Henan Qianwei Industrial Co., Ltd.

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  In order to effectively improve the company's production and operation, improve the company's economic efficiency, reduce pollutant emissions, and at the same time combined with the company's development needs, our company began full-scale clean production audit work in June 2019, and entrusted Central Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. to review Work is guided by technical methods.

  According to the "People's Republic of China Clean Production Promotion Law", "Clean Production Audit Measures", "Henan Province Clean Production Audit Implementation Rules", the public is now publicizing the company's basic situation before the company's audit and the status of pollution and sewage discharge, please the community Supervise the implementation of the clean production audit by our company.

  First, the basic situation of the enterprise

  1. Name of the company: Henan Qianwei Industrial Co., Ltd.

  2. Legal representative: Shao Ailan

  3. Business address: Group 3, Shengdimiao Village, Chaohua Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province

  4, the company's production scale: an annual output of 15,000 tons of fused refractory

  5. Main pollutants: noise, solid waste

  6, the main environmental protection facilities: bag filter, online monitoring, etc.

  Second, the pre-audit sewage monitoring data

  According to Henan Ruiante Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., the exhaust gas and noise of the plant were monitored from April 28 to 29, 2018. The monitoring results show:

  The concentration and emission rate of particulate matter discharged from the dust removal facilities meet the requirements of Table 2 and 2 standard limits of the Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants (GB16297-1996);

  The noise at the boundary of the plant meets the requirements of Category 2 of the Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises (GB12348-2008);

  The solid wastes generated by Henan Qianwei Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly include waste plastic film, dust collected by bag filter, domestic garbage, etc., all of which have been effectively disposed or comprehensively utilized.

  Third, contacts and contact information

  Auditing company: Henan Qianwei Industrial Co., Ltd.

  Contact: Su Yongchao Tel: 13598426660

  Consulting unit: Central Technology Development Co., Ltd.

  Contact: Jiang Jun Tel: 13592450115

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