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Celebrate Women’s Day、NPC member visit CHIEFWAY

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  At 8th,March,2018, NPC chief of Chaohua Town and other local government leaders visit CHIEFWAY and learn our development history.

  This visit trip is accompanied by President of TIANCI and General Manager Ms.Sun Manman, who introduced company history, company culture, Technology Creation, Company ERP management system and herself development, share experiences with visitors. President Ms.Sun also show them management department, production department, living squares and environment of Employee Dinning Hall.

  During passed year, HENAN CHIEFWAY won the praise of “Energy Saving” and “Cleaning Production” authorized by Zhengzhou government. President Ms.Sun won the praise of “Top 10 Outstanding Female” authorized by Xinmi government, Under the support from local government, Chiefway hold management concept of living on quality and developing on credit, hold the spirit of “quality from moral quality and greatness from ordinary”, focus on development. Rely on proprietary technology of vacuum casting, insist development together with environment protection, fight for long term development.