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Henan Chiefway, Henan Tianci 2017 sales commendation conference and 2018 sales meeting

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  Mar-9th,2019 morning, Henan Tianci and Henan Chiefway hole conference for whole sales team, review the outcome at 2017, praise excellent sales manager and made arrangement for 2018.

  The meeting was hold by general manager of Tianci and Sales manager of Henan Chiefway Mr.Huang Fucheng. He mentioned: the pressure of environment protection keep increasing at the passed year, raw materials price keeping increasing, on the condition of refractory sales declining in whole country, our company’s sales capacity increased by 40%, which is based on whole employee’s efforts and thanks for the effort for everyone. After that, he announced the special award of contribution and the name list of overfulfilled sales target, advocate all staffs learn from them.

  President of Tianci and General Manager Ms.Sun Manman highly affirmed the effort and hard work to sales department and wish everybody work harder to reach annual sales target. Meanwhile, she announced the people who won the special award of contribution and overfulfilled sales target can freely bring one of family member for the 10 days’ trip, she also award them certificate of honor and bonus.

  In the end, Mr.Huang made arrangement for the job in 2018 and heard opinion and suggestions from all sales elites, who has great confidence to reach sales target and contribute to the company’s development.