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Henan Chiefway 2018 tourist groups come back from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand

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  Henan Chiefway, Henan Tianci 2017 sales commendation conference and 2018 sales meeting are successfully hold, to commend excellent sales and promote team spirit, also to relax staffs and feeling different culture, company organized tourist trip to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for ten days.

  At fine weather of March, part of sales department leave Xinzheng Airport at March-9th, the air temperature is between 3~12 C by that time, but everybody is excited like they already fly to tropical rainforest.

  First station in Bangkok Thailand. The Royal Palace, the Jade Buddha Temple show them what is resplendent and magnificent, then come to Pattaya, a coastal city for tourist, show them local culture and world famous lady-boy show.

  Second station in Singapore. Comfortable, cleaning and natty garden city, 60% of raintree make people feel fresh. It full of modern smell of free port and shopping paradise.

  Third station in Malaysia, in Capital Kula Lumpur, Merdeka Square, Prince city, especially The Genting Highlands, its magnificent like fairyland on earth, make people enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave.

  The culture and Exotic view leave everyone beautiful memory and open their view, which help them to work better.

  Through 10 days busy tourist trip, all team members help each other, care for each other, which embody CHIEFWAY’s coagulative power ad team spirit, our sales team will have better performance and company will develop to a new stage.