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Completeness of HENAN CHIEFWAY whole staff Development Training

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  To strength team building and promote communication between staff, cultivate team spirit and cooperation, April-27th to April-29th,2019, Henan Chiefway organized staff for team building training and receive excellent outcome.

  During activity, staff were divided into different group, all groups named their ow team and get slogan as well as team song. Teams like Flying Eagle, Fierce Tiger, Mars, Fairy Dragon etc were organized, full of unique characters, two days activity start under lofty sentiments and aspirations.

  During training activities, all well designed sport events motivate staffs to challenge it under team working and efforts. Every member share their happiness and passion. All members encourage each other to finish challenges. During training, all members experience trust, efficient communication, trans-positional consideration, leadership, power of execution, team work and others which related to daily work and management art.

  This training activity effectively strength staffs’ confidence and communication ability, promote staffs’ solidarity and cooperation. Through communication and learning, every body realized the important of trust, cooperation and creation, which positively improve working efficiency, boost trans-department communication and power of execution.