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Praise for company party branch

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  At 09:00am, 28th,Jun.2018, Xinmi organized activity to celebrate 97th years anniversary to CCP and 40th years reform and opening convention, pronounced by Mr.Chengyang, the vice secretary of Xinmi City, party branch was praised as leading branch and the secretary of party branch, General Manager Ms.Sun Manman was praised as a model for developing and enrich party members.

  CHIEFWAY’s party branch established in 2004, one of the earliest private company having that. Party branch always work under rules and aiming at improving management, quality and benefit, combine production and management, put party branch in front line of research, production, sales, greatly assure company developing and growing up..

  With the chance of praise, our company keeping working under leading of party, fight for development and allow full play to party members, staying front on environment protection, safety production and targeted poverty reduction, to be a qualified Builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics.