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Display of furnace pre-assembly

Henan Chiefway Industry Co.,Ltd

     We have a engineering team organized for the design and installation to the glass melting furnaces

     In addition, been engaged in the design and installation to the coal gasifiers, which provides a reliable support to the previous, on and after sales for the clients. In one word, the satisfaction is our permanent pursues.

     The Chiefway was born in the commercial city of Zhengzhou in 1980’s, and has experienced more than 30 years developing process. Supported by the society and customers, rely on the convenient transportation system and rich natural resource in central China, the Chiefway accepted the philosophy of “self-discipline and social commitment” as its core culture and created the famous brand of “CHIEFWAY” among the fused cast refractories industry.



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The vacuum casting process is a major breakthrough in the fused zirconia corundum industry.


Provide good support for the development of the glass industry

Vacuum Casting is a physical forming process, its fundamental principal is: fill in the sand box with air exhausting pump by dry and fine sand, vibrated slightly and compacted, followed by covering the molded surface and sand box with plastic film, then vacuumed the sand box. The casting would be sized by the pressure difference between inside and outside the sand box, then withdraw the mold and seal the sand box, casting made under the vacuum situation.

The application of oxygen blowing technology at the bottom of the furnace greatly improves the purity of the melt.


Bottom Oxygen Blowing process is to input oxygen into the furnace slowly through the inlet holes located on the furnace shell and run through the furnace shell and lining, while the temperature inside the furnace is increasing. By this way, the flowing speed of molten material inside the furnace got increased, and the mixing evened.

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